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At TKI we host informative seminars with Jeanie Bussell and Caroline Jung on women’s health and fertility as well as amazing beauty events where we offer our beloved clients great deals. check out upcoming events >>


" Amazing!!  I went to the Tiffani Kim Institute for my laser hair removal because all my friends from my high school has been raving about the the result and the Tiffani Kim staff.  My mom is a fan of Tiffani Kim Institute and she took me there for a acne facial when I had such a problem.  Went to see Dr. Steve and he was really super nice and he helped with my acne!  I was totally shocked by the results of my laser hair removal treatment. I didn’t think it would actually work so well, but it did, and now my under arms and legs are totally hairless. I don’t feel self-conscious about wearing a bikini anymore, because I don’t have to worry about embarrassing hairs peeking out of my swimsuit. Anybody who is sick of shaving on a daily basis and still not removing all the hair should definitely consider hair removal treatment! “  My technician was super kind and professional.  I highly recommend Tiffani Kim Medical center!!

Joy T. | Chicago

This was my first experience with laser hair removal and I am sooooo pleased with the results and the service I have received. The staff and management are very professional and they really knew what they were doing.  Dr. Steve was so cool and nice!  He made sure that the setting was good and I felt very secure that the doctor was over seeing the treatments.  Monst places I heard it not the case.  The laser technicians were very kind and made me feel at ease and very comfortable during my sessions. I had no trouble scheduling my treatments at times that were convenient for my schedule. I would highly recommend the Tiffani Kim Institute to anyone!!!

Tamara S. | Evanston

I recently started going to Tiffani Kim Medical Spa for laser hair removal sessions.  This place was huge and really well decorated!  I loved all the paintings and furniture.  It was also very comfortable, and the staff was very professional and knowledgeable.  The aesthetician took time the time to explain to me the entire procedure and answered all my questions. I am extremely satisfied with the treatments and will definitely recommend them to others.

Joyce T. | Chicago

My experience at the Tiffani Kim Medical Spa has been very pleasant. The place was recommended by my friend who goes there for Botox. I went in for my free consultation and was very surprised by the knowledge and friendliness of staff and especially Dr. Steve!  I had a Juvederm treatment for my lips and Botox for my forehead.   I couldn’t be any happier with the result!!  I would definitely recommend Dr. Steve!  He was so fast and gentle!!  I didn’t know he is also an internist!   I live very close to the location, I am definitely going to come back for check up with Dr. Steve!!

Tiffany C. | Chicago

I was referred to Dr. Steven from my co worker.  My initial consultation with Dr. Steven was very thorough and professional. I left his office and felt I could trust him.  I was so happy to have found him at Tiffany Kim, it is 10 minutes from my work on the train.  The brown line stops literally right in front of the Tiffany Kim!  Dr. Steven took time to exam me and did not rush like most doctors.   I was also impressed with the front desk staff.  They were very efficient and made me visit so easy.  I am feeling much better and most all I was very happy that I found Dr. Steven to take care of my health concerns in the future!  I highly recommend Dr. Steven and Tiffany Kim Medical Spa!

John S. | Chicago

I really enjoyed my experience at Tiffani Kim Inst.  I’ve been struggling with the acne problem for years.  I heard about Tiffani Kim from my friends and colleagues.  It was highly recommended, I finally made an apt for a consultation.  The staff was really nice, my medical aesthetician was so professional and friendly, she explained everything to me and answered all my questions and recommended several options.  I just finished my 4th treatment of the blue light laser and peels!   My acne is totally under control and I am so happy and confident to be around people.   I had no idea how effective it was!  The institute was very comfortable and chic!   I would highly recommend this place to others :)

Jasmine T. | Chicago

I started getting pellets and within two weeks, I started to feel like I did 10-15 years ago!  The result was amazing!  I’ve heard about it but I never imagined how great this was for me!!  I am not depressed any more, my head is more clear and I really feel like my own self again and enjoying life again!!  I’ve been talking to all my girlfriends and anybody who would listen.  What a life saver!  Dr. Steve and staff were amazing!  What a team!  I think they saved my marriage and my life!!  I would recommend Tiffani Kim Institute highly!!

Jean S. | Skokie

The main reasons I came to see at Dr. Steve was to get my hormone levels balanced out by a trained professional. I also had been running out of energy late in the afternoon and especially in the early evening, to the point I would want to take a nap.  I was lethargic, tired and had no sex drive.  It was effecting everything in my life.  Most of all, this problem was leading me into a depression that I just could not shake.  I am a 54 years old male in very good health condition.  Once Dr. Steve diagnosed how low my testosterone level was, I was immediately on pallets.  It totally changed my life!!  I had no idea that low testosterone would effect my body/life like that.  I have a new life now, it is amazing!  I feel 20 years younger and I have a thriving sex life with my girlfriend.  I highly highly recommend this treatment for any middle age men like me.  It changed my life from nothing to amazing!!   Dr. Steve was so kind and compassionate, he really knows what he is doing!

Brad K. | Winnetka, ILL.

I have my energy back thanks to Tiffany Kim Institute.  My wife was the one who introduced me to the concept of balancing hormones naturally.  She is a fan of Tiffany Kim Institute, I resisted for a while but I am so grateful to my wife and Institute for my new life.  Treatment has dramatically improved my life and our lives.  When you have low T, you really don’t have the energy or desire to do much of anything.  I am so amazed by how this treatment had changed my life!!  Dr. Steve, Randy and Julio has been so amazing!  They are very professional and very knowledgeable about this stuff!  This place also has a major spa, I am taking my wife for a couple’s massage!!

Brock T. | Chicago

“This is the best place to have any kind of esthetic medical treatment. Clean, organized, and great people. I love my visits to TKI.”

Tristyn H | August 2014

“I started getting acupuncture when I was about 6 1/2 weeks pregnant for constant nausea. I was sick from the moment I woke up until I fell asleep at night. I started to lose weight. I was exhausted. This is after I started going to bed 2-3 hours earlier at night. I was miserable. It was hard to be excited about the baby because I felt so sick all day. I tried so many different remedies but, sadly, none worked. Then I tried acupuncture. About half a day after my first treatment, the nausea was gone, completely gone! The only time I experienced it after starting treatment was when I needed to eat. It was like magic! I saw both Jeanie and Caroline (depending on what day I went in) and I highly recommend both of them. I have already told so many people about how well this worked for me!”

Lynn P

“I went to Tiffani Kim Institute to get Botox and have my lips plumped up with Juvederm. I could not be happier with the results! First off, let me say that the staff was friendly, accommodating, and professional from the time I set up the appointment to when I walked through the door. Dr. Steve was fabulous! He took the time to address my concerns and really made me feel comfortable throughout the service. In addition, the best part is the results are so natural looking (not frozen looking or duck-lipped). I will definitely be back!”

Diane F | July 2014

“I've been to Tiffani Kim's before and I had great results regarding my tattoo removal, it lightened up at least by 30% after 1 treatment. I went to another clinic for the same service prior to Tiffani Kim's and I had no results. Tiffani Kim's prices on tattoo removal is at least 25 to 30% cheaper than anywhere else in Chicago without using a voucher so when I saw the tattoo removal voucher I jumped on it immediately. This is very professional business. It is a Great atmosphere, very clean and tidy. They are nice, polite and have great customer service. They will take care of you.”

Angela D

“I love to go to Evelyn for laser hair removal treatments! I have been to a number of different places and have experienced a number of technicians, and she's, by far, the best. If I could give her six stars, I would.”

Sherri R

“Best Laser Service I have had. Completely happy with the Laser Hair removal service I received. I am extremely fussy about where I go for services and it has taken a long time for me to feel completely satisfied with both the service and the care of the staff. The room was clean, bright, and beautiful. I could tell I was safe with the attention to detail which I received in every room I went in. I am so happy to have finally found a home Med Spa for laser services!”

Maggie L | August 2011

"Great first facial; since I am a facial newbie, decided to opt for one during wellness week - CC was amazing. It was a great atmosphere during the facial. Special bonus - 2 for 1 Latisse was available."

Denise S

“Second chance; they had an excellent spa special that I could not pass up, I even brought 3 more friends with me. Now I wish they did have a referral program then I would get many points. The massage I got was how I wanted it to turn out. The price was right and I walked out of there feeling like I was floating on air. Once I start my program and search for the BEST spa in America TKI will be on the list.”

Crystal J

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